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You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth.

And speaking of books…

Cynthia did come over last Sunday afternoon and a wonderful time was had by all. And by “all” I mean Cynthia, me and Erin. (Hey – remind me to tell you about Erin one of these days. Yikes.) Cynthia came in, sat down and gave Erin a mini back massage and a friend was made for life. She didn’t rub my back though – I’m thinking of cuttin’ her loose.

Ha! I would never cut someone loose who comes over to visit and then allows me to spend time taking pictures and then editing those pictures on the computer. Sure, she had her own selfish reasons (she wanted photos taken for her new blog profile) but whatever, I got to play with my camera and talk endlessly about photography. Fun for me!! She claimed to enjoy it too but we’ll see. If it takes her another 6+ months to come over again, well, then we’ll know the truth won’t we?

Another reason to keep her around is that she actually reads this blog. (At least she read up before coming over. Hey, I’ll take it.) And the book exchanges! She asked me about the books I’ve been reading and wanted to borrow a couple. So she left with a CD of portraits and 2 books. Overthrow and Legacy of Ashes: the History of the CIA. Oh dear. I’m really not sure that was such a good idea. She has a tender heart and I’m afraid even though she wants to know… well…she couldn’t stomach The Sandman books I lent her and those are fiction – how will she handle such a horrifying reality?! True, there are no graphic pictures but she’s an artist and the words will paint their own gruesome images. Hmm, maybe I’m concerned for nothing and she’ll take the recklessness with other peoples lives in stride. Maybe her walls won’t end up with dents in the plaster (that CIA book is big and heavy!). Maybe after the first book she’ll decide she’s just not as masochistic as I am and call it a day.

But maybe the bug will bite her too and then I can borrow her books. And when that happens I’ve got a list to give her.

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  1. I love you, Dawn. mmmwha

    I sincerely hope that my reasons were not consciouslly selfish in my spontaneous request for a photographic diary. I would prefer that they be masked as unconscious. Maybe it for this reason that I have not been able to stomach “The Sandman” chronicles. I will get there…yes maam, I will get there.

    I am a Libra….we roll this way, we roll that way. When you least expect it, I will knock on your door and demand the blasted mags at gunpoint….gun toting nun.

    Another friend had been interned to take a few pictures earlier this week to document my 50th Birthday mug. We ran…or I should say, “I limped due to my sprint injury a few days earlier.”… had a few glasses of wine later and thought best not to subject either one of us to the gruesome tasks and its subsequent results.

    When I contacted you to invite myself over for a long overdue visit….I realized that it has been 6 months since Erin’s birth and I haven’t met my new girlfriend. If she is anything like the older model, she is certain to intoxicate with her zen genuiness and charms…which she did, like her mother. And when I made the call, I thought, “Oh my gosh, DAWN!!!!…why did I not realize this sooner….Best darn photographer in the world…in my opinion..and that is the only opinion I care about right now…as this relates to me..kiss kiss…Dawn can take my pics. And I love learning from her about photography…..
    and she loves working/playing with photography…especially when she has someone in the sandbox to play along side her.

    Do I not know my friend????
    You bet I do 🙂

    Heck, I have been so mired under with work and the changes in my body in the last year….
    Shh..I have been a bit depressed…and Dawn was pregnant for a good part of it.And she did have to cancel out a few times when I did invite to get together inbetween. We have both been a mess.

    I went from being pretty hard core athletic, pretty high energy, on pretty much of the time to someone a little less athletic, a lot less high energy, and not on all the time….
    Thus has rattled my cage a tad.

    Yes, 50 is a milestone.!! I don’t care what anyone says. It doesn’t matter how much we work out, eat well, think well, don’t do drugs or limit imbibing in too much joy juice….
    50, and the year before, changes our continence. Something does shift. For me, some major shifts managed to store up all together until 50, instead of once at 40, and then later at 50. No matter what, such is life…..and the shift is inevitable. Ahem..

    I am picking myself up, dusting myself off, allowing the shift and getting back to what I aspire to.

    Of course, I am fully expecting another 50 years. There was an “Ouch factor” to turning 50. And Miss Elfini has about 9 more years to go…and then she will be singing the same song and dance. Put it on your calendar, folks. Schedule it in MS Outlook. Elfini will wail, shake and moan. The 5.4 we just experienced in the Bay Area will have nothing on girlfriends’ rattle and roll.

    I snagged the books that I have been reading about on this blog. I am starting to read them. Every time I visit Dawn, I borrow books. Chris and Dawn are way smart….They always have the best library. I am not dumb..I borrow their brains via their reading choices.

    If I could only hook up Dawn’s photography brain like an IPod/IMusic library and download, I would be in pig heaven. I wouldn’t have to go through the learning curve…yet it is inevitable.

    Dawn, you and I have experienced, individually, a pretty intense year. And honestly, it has taken a while, like all spiritually intimate relationships, for ours to find it’s dance.

    And now, if I can speak for both of us, I believe that we have found our dance with each other. And we can dance around Erin as we create.

    When do you want to get together again to play with photography and paint a bit?

    If you are extemely nice to me and make me another grilled tuna fish patty melt, I will consider giving you a shoulder massage….
    Of course, Erin gets first dibs..

    Love Cynthia

  2. One more forthcoming:

    I have seen quite a bit of real blood, guts and cruelty in my life due to direct experience in the professional world of being a jockey, rancher, pro rodeo contestant, situational athelete, wife of two extremely angry men (not at the same time…chuckle) and daughter to another.

    It was for this reason, in the last year, that I just could not take on “The Sandman” while I was processing out the past coming into my 50th Birthday.

    Yes, Dawn, you are correct. That Sandman is hardcore story and worthy reading. It just was not my time for reading it…while I was in my shamanistic state of introspection. (Drumbeat in background, please…whiff of sage)

    Agreed, I am tender hearted. Yet, in essence, I am a warrior.
    I am sharpening the blade of my knife, as I write, with my toes.

  3. Wow. I don’t get many comments here but when I do…damn! I should have gotten a cup of coffee first.

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