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Where is Oliver Stone when you need him?!

2 weekends ago we went to Santa Cruz. I double checked my calendar to confirm this because it sure doesn’t feel like I’ve been to Santa Cruz recently. We drove down Friday night as usual, got up Sat morning and drove down to Monterey and went to the aquarium. I took a few pics but most were slightly out of focus because we cruised through the place at break-neck toddler speed! I think we may have seen a couple fish. And Sunday we were back home. The whole weekend was a blur.

And then came Monday. It started out so promising… until my computer wouldn’t power on. In case you missed that – My computer, it would not turn on. I nursed an Elevated Level (that would be a nice DHS yellow) panic all day telling myself that my hard-drives were probably ok and it was just a broken On button right? RIGHT?! Chris had to talk me down several times during the day and that evening I drove downtown to hang the new show at Vox. Before I even got out of the car I took a Maxalt for my looming migraine. And that was my world until Saturday afternoon. Dead computer and a migraine. I was even too sick to go to the Artist Reception Friday night. I was not happy. But, our personal IT guy,Victor, ran some tests on my computer and declared the mother-board dead. I think fried was the term he used. But more importantly, both of my hard-drives were ok! So, Saturday morning Chris and Victor went to Fry’s and bought me a new computer. And that afternoon, while Victor was transferring my data to the new machine, my headache finally went away.

Coincidence?  I’m not so sure…

So, I got dressed, grabbed Kyle, and we headed downtown for Second Saturday and the Urban Landscape show at VoxSac! And it was fantastic – so many great pieces. And I had a blast talking with Jill, Jill, Lawrence, Chuck, Curtis, and Amy, and anyone else who would listen. Apparently I also chatted with Eric and volunteered to re-do their website! I told Chris this afternoon that in the future it might be prudent to keep me in the house for an additional 24 hrs after a multi-day headache.

And of course I took some photos at the gallery, but since I am still trying to find my way around Windows 7 and installing programs everytime I want to do something, it might be awhile before I get them online. Check out the photos from everyone else at the VoxSac Flickr group site.

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