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What a pain in the


Yes, that’s my neck. Pretty isn’t it?! That’s a souvenir from the Urgent Care where I spent Friday evening after being rear-ended at a stop sign 2 blocks from my house late Friday afternoon. So not happy about that. (But I’m pretty pleased with the length of that run-on sentence!)

We were supposed to go downtown and see Jersey Boys Friday night! I’m still disappointed that we had to miss it. They would have sang this:

Far out.

But this one is even better!

Damn you YouTube, I lost my train of thought. Where was I? Car accident (I’m ok, thanks), missed acclaimed Broadway musical, Flexoril…oh yeah, we are going on vacation at the end of the week. To Detroit! Doesn’t everyone want to spend their precious vacation days in Detroit? Hmm, maybe not. But that’s were my parents are until the first frost (and then they high-tail it down to Florida) and also my nephew Brady and his family, my sister & brother and the infamous Ericfish Kreutzkampski! I love him like butta’! So, we are Motor City bound.

I will admit that I’m a bit stressed about traveling with a 5 month old. The logistics of packing all the baby-crap we’re gonna need makes my head hurt. (Hey I’ve got a new Motrin prescription, that will come in handy – oh! I also need to pick up my migraine medicine refill at the store) So, much to do. And Kyle needs new shoes.

Is that song still stuck in your head? Sorry. Let me make it up to you, here are some Erin pics from yesterday. Enjoy!

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  1. They say most accidents occur within a mile of the home.

    You should probably move.

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