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What a hack

Well, I just couldn’t stand it any longer. Erin’s bangs were down to her chin and she would not leave the barrettes in her hair. She was constantly reaching up to her head to see if there was a barrette or pony-tail holder up there. If there was, she pulled it out. And then put it in her mouth. It was a losing battle. So she spent her days with her hair covering half her face. She was starting to crawl with her head turned to the side so she could see were she was going. I had had enough and got out the scissors. And as you can imagine trying to cut a squirming 13 month old’s hair is more than a 2-person job. So, I present to you:

Baby’s first bad haircut. A play in 2 acts: Before and After. Enjoy. And don’t worry. It will grow out.

2 thoughts on “What a hack

  1. I love her haircut. And it makes her look so much older. Even if it’s uneven (of course it would be ~ cut by the parents) she looks adorable. I like it!

  2. Gawd she is so cute. I love the way you captured her, hair in eyes, doleful, looking up at you like, God, you’re not gonna take another picture of me, are you, Mother?
    You produce beautiful children, Elfini. They pay a good price for that in certain countries…

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