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Weekend Update

Sure it’s only Wednesday. I’m early. I’m on top of things! Let me tell you about last week.

The fall semester started at Sierra College, and I was there! In parking lot hell. But since I am the early-bird. And on top of things. I was had plenty of time to sit waiting in the hallway before class started.

I’m taking Photography 60A – which is a b&w film class. I even added a lab class on Friday morning. Cause I think we all know how much I love working in the darkroom. Love. It.

So, that takes care of my Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings. And on Mondays and Wednesday, I have my sessions with Evil Trainer Adam. I’m out of the house 5 mornings a week now! It’s kinda like having a job again, but with more smelly chemicals and sore muscles. sweet.

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