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Voter apathy

Well, the public has spoken. I was going to give you a month to vote – like India’s rolling elections, but I guess 6 votes is all I’m gonna get. So without further ado, an updated photo of the painting*:

That was the work I did on the background, way back on Sat April 18th.
And on the 19th I worked on the jeans and jacket:

It’s coming along nicely. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to work on it since that weekend. The 25th was the day Kyle and I attended a photo class at the California Automobile Museum**. Then I promptly got sick for several days. This past Saturday was the cow patty wedding. And yesterday… well, I don’t really remember yesterday. But I didn’t get a chance to paint. And I won’t be painting next weekend either since it seems we’re going coastal again. So, I’m feeling kinda twitchy about the whole thing. I hate losing my momentum. Especially when I’m faced with painting the hair. I’m dreading the hair.

* Sorry P. You were out-voted 5-1. Next time do a bit of campaigning for your cause!

** That was a lot of fun! Kyle discovered the joy of using a tripod -my tripod- and got all the good shots! I’ve put Lightroom on Kyle’s computer and now I need to show him how to use it. Photos coming to flickr soon. Well, probably in a couple weeks. You know how it is…

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