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Vacation Day 1

We decided to fly out of San Francisco on a direct flight to Detroit. We figured a 2 hour drive in the comfy van was better than a flight out of Sacramento with a connection. Less time in the air and no chance of missing that second flight. (And even with the rush hour traffic we hit on the drive home I think Chris would still tell you that this was the way to go – much less stressful.) And since our flight was at 8am Saturday morning, we drove to SFO Friday night and stayed in a hotel (Thanks P!). Thus enabling Chris’s folks to stop by and get a baby fix.

And check out the new photo widget I found*. Very cool. Just click the large image to advance to the next photo. I am all about making things easy for you! Of course these photos are up on Flickr also.

And you’ll never guess who else stopped by. Stay tuned for a special guest appearance!

* If the photos aren’t showing up on your computer you might need to install the Flash Player plugin. Here is the link:

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