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True Free Rebel Spirit

Last summer I took an on-line drawing class to keep busy between school semesters. I  think I started to tell you about it here, but got a bit side tracked. ahem. Anyways, the on-line class was great! I loved the daily assignments (without a grade or anyone even caring if you did it or not! HolyFreedomIOnlyAnswerToMyselfJoy!!) and learning new techniques and using art supplies that I don’t usually employ. It was fun and I rediscovered the joy of sketching. A thin-tipped pen for scratching lines is my favorite and my best! You can see all my drawings and doodles in this flickr set here. fun!

I knew at some point I would take another on-line class and that time is now. A year long class with a new project each month. sweet. The artist/instructor is Mindy Lacefield, whose style I have admired since seeing her artwork at Lisa’s house last year. And yes, this is me moving even further out of what is “normal” for me. I actually bought… <whisper>glitter paints</whisper>.


I know, I don’t even know me anymore.

Anyways, we have our first project up and it is a True Free Spirit girl – an example of which you can see in the link above for Mindy. I bought a 9×12″ panel and laid down the first layer of ephemera last Sunday.

Of course I offset the girly-nature of this painting with a photocopy of skulls from the catacombs that just happened to be on my desk. You also balance girly-painting by playing Assassin’s Creed II – in which you get to run around in the catacombs in 15th century Florence! (and then kill that bastard traitor Francesco de’ Pazzi!)

Then I started painting. And may I just say that those Sharpie Paint Pens are pretty damn cool. Here is where I left things. No comment on the sparkles.

And because I spent an exhausting day assassinating Templars and didn’t get to work on my painting, I attempted a True Free Spirit girl on my iPad with the ArtRage app after dinner Monday night.

Man, that is a lot of pink! What is not shown is the many many layers of “paint” that I applied to my digital canvas. I’m still not using that app to its full potential. But my new brush stylus that Santa brought me rocks!

After a rather gory dream Tuesday night, I skipped the video game yesterday and focused on painting my girl’s face. That. Was. Hard. I spent the whole morning working on an area the size of a chocolate chip cookie.

mmm… cookies…

I left things yesterday in mock-up mode trying to balance out the background. Let’s see what happens after a bit of lunch.

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