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Travel tip for new parents

Get a vehicle that is big enough for all your crap! And I’m not talking about a mini-van. See that word there in front? Mini? Well, that is not gonna cut it. You need a real van. A man’s van! Like this:

Yes, our maiden voyage to Santa Cruz in the van with the baby was a complete success. We packed everything (except the bathtub) not knowing what we would end up needing but having the room for all of it. And we ended up using everything we brought. Although I did over-pack the clothes for the baby (and me and Kyle if you want the whole truth) – but that’s just how I pack – always too much but covering every clothing possibility. This weekend I’ll leave all the extra shoes at home. Of course that will be the one time I need a different pair of shoes! I’m all over that Murphy and his law.

But lets get back to singing the praises of the man’s van. So, not only were we able to pack all the stuff for the baby, we had plenty of room for 3 duffle bags, all of Chris’ dive gear and guns, plus the pillows, a pile of jackets, Kyle’s Game Cube container and then some. All of this was behind the 3rd row bench seat. I’m sure there was room for more but Chris doesn’t want to encourage me! And I will admit that it was nice to be able to climb back to the bench seat and sit next to the bean and feed her as we cruised down the highway. Oh yes, Chris is mighty pleased with himself! Good thing there is plenty of headroom.

And the baby had her first trip to the beach. She snoozed the whole time in her little pop-up shade tent. Kyle got his surfing fix. I took some pictures – and they weren’t all of Erin! My favorite car was still parked outside the condos:

So was this nice old Ford. The roof was rusted but the body was in great shape:

It wasn’t until I passed it the second day that I noticed the little red Dorothy shoes hanging from the rear-view mirror of this roached out Isuzu:

But I did manage to take a few pictures of Erin. As predicted, this is how that baby spent the majority of the weekend:

And since Chris didn’t get to do any diving last weekend, we are going back down this weekend. Kyle will be at his dad’s so we’ll have a bit more free time. Chris can go spearfishing on Saturday and I’ll get in an afternoon of shopping with Grandma and Erin. Sounds good to me. I need a new pair of shoes!

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