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Too much good stuff

Hey, do me a favor – remind me to do a headstand every Friday afternoon because all that joy and happiness lasted the entire weekend – even through the car buying process!

In lieu of climbing Friday, Chris and I went out for burgers and then hit the REI sale – a fine way to end a busy week. Saturday morning we went to the dive shop to send Chris’ watch in for repairs. And since Dolphin was also having a big sale we ran into several friends from the dive club and that is always nice. And Holger told me about another camera store in the area! Poor Chris.
After lunch we spent a couple relatively pain-free hours at the car dealership and drove home in my new Highlander. Then we had Sharon and Cynthia over for Chris’s famous macadamia nut encrusted abalone. He also made fish tacos with the cabezon he shot last week. Fantastic! We had a great time. Thanks again for salad, sorbet and the lively conversation ladies – I think Chris only blushed once!
Sunday was the day of “finally”s – I finally started working on a new painting and we finally went to the climbing gym. Both felt great!

Then we picked up Kyle. I think we need to stand him on his head!

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  1. In response to Dawn’s blog about “Too much good stuff”, I came in on the tail end of the wonderful day…..after Chris and Dawn hit the REI sale and bought a new car.

    My name is Cynthia,named after the Greek Goddess of hunting and the moon. I was blessed by the Gods of the sea (Thank you, Chris) in being invited by Chris and Dawn to feast with them, and their lovely friend Sharon, on Chris’s delectable macadamia encrusted abalone and fish tacos.

    The food mirrored the company kept. Yummy food, thoughtful, stimulating conversation sprinkled with lots of laughter.

    As I told Dawn the next day, the evening spent with everyone was one of the best evenings that I have spent in company in quite a long time.
    Hopefully more to come.

    As soon as I get my new dining room table I hope to host a feast for Dawn, Chris and Sharon.

    Bon Appetit

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