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Today is the day. (or – I mock because I love)

Halloween was 2 days ago. Here is the timeline: take the pictures Wednesday night, process them on Thursday, and post ‘em on Friday. All across the blog-o-sphere those cute princesses and pirates are popping up to a swelling refrain of “Aaahhh how adorable!”

And today, like a dead fish, I will go with the flow.

Man, Halloween totally snuck up on me this year. We didn’t even get a pumpkin! I’m not sure how that happened. But there we were the day before Halloween – no pumpkin and no candy. So the decision was made – keep the house dark, lock the door and the 4 of us will go Trick or Treating. And even thought I only let Kyle carry a standard issue plastic pumpkin, we still ended up with a bulging grocery bag full of candy! And Kyle hasn’t been allowed to eat any of it! Yup. That is how mean a mom I am.

Ok, I do have a soft squishy caramel center (hence the diet) and I will let Kyle pick a handful of his favorite candy before I donate the rest to…. Hey little reader – want some candy?!

Another holiday celebration I am going to have to miss again is Dia de los Muertos! And why can’t I go to this afternoon’s festivities? Because we are going to see Disney’s High School Musical on Ice! That’s right – on Ice. Tonight. At Arco Arena. Can you sense my excitement?

Luckily we only found out about this thrilling opportunity yesterday afternoon. I mean really, just imagine the state I would be in if I had had weeks to look forward to this! As it is I still might put in an emergency call to Stacy. For moral support of course.

But this is a Chris work function thing where clients will be schmoozed. A company higher-up moved/relocated/or some such thing to Chris’s office and brought an Arco Arena box with him. Or should I say private suite complete with catering and a hostess! So, all that is making my first ice show a bit more palatable. It also means that we will probably have many more opportunities to attend events in the future. I’m crossing my fingers for the monster trucks!

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