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To-do list. I’ve got one!

I hate when that happens. But I’ve been so busy and have so many things to do, well, my hand was forced.

Happily I just managed to cross off a couple things (and one that wasn’t even on the list – hey there WordPress upgrade). Let’s see, I gave Chris the money to deposit into the bank (delegating tasks – check!) and was then able to pay my tuition for the Fall semester’s class. Fees went up $6 a unit. I picked up the text book earlier in the week (along with Using Drupal, which I will tell you about later as I’m not sure which way that rant is gonna go). And I paid from my annual Artist Membership at Vox Sacramento! Wait, now I have to add to the to-do list: write post about the upcoming show and Artist’s Receiption (you are all invited) complete with the flyer!

Okay, what’s left… I still need to pick the prints for the Vox show. And once that decision has been made, buy the frames. Make a couple doctor appts. Routine check-ups so no worries. Figure out an excuse to reschedule next weeks dentist appt – again. Really, I don’t need to make excuses, the way my life has been going – something will come up! I need to sew the patch on my taekwondo uniform for tomorrow’s night Belt Test. Man, that’s not even on the list. I’m going to have to do a re-write. So yeah, busy.

I actually managed to blow the dust off my camera and take some pictures last weekend (it had been well over a month!), but who knows when I get around to uploading them to the computer. Oh so behind on photo editing.  The only things I’ve uploaded to flickr lately have been cellphone pics. And may I just state for the record – I love my new phone!  Anyways, I need to get back to it…  ‘it’ being all of the above and more. Call me. Someone needs to remind me to eat!

5 thoughts on “To-do list. I’ve got one!

  1. NEVER give an Italian MIL an opportunity to remind you to mangia!!! We breathe worrying about if people got enough to eat!


    And yes you have been saved by the cell phone pics – but that reprieve is not unending! I am still waiting for the Erin/Finley/Jett/Kyle pics from the 4th of July!

  2. Hey, you busy this week-end? Monday, Wed?

    1. I can always make time for you!

  3. What a beautiful website. Can’t wait for the soire!

    1. Erin!! Oh I hope you make it out on the 11st! I am missing you!

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