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‘Tis the Season

Vox Dec flyer

Ah yes, the December show at Vox. Hey, you didn’t think you were gonna get an actual blog post did you? Maybe next week. Today I have to print the photos for the show. Tomorrow we hang! I was contemplating showing a painting this month, but I had to put my easel away yesterday to make room for the Christmas tree. So, no more painting for awhile. Luckily I didn’t pick up my dad’s habit of leaving the tree up until it’s D. E. A. D. dead. One year we had a particularly hardy tree up through the spring!

Anyways, they is light at the end of┬áthe “sorry I’ve been so busy” tunnel. Homework for my PHP class is done for the most part. I turned in the beta-version of the website I built for my final project last Thursday. This week I’ll review and comment on the sites of 2 classmates. Then I’ll get the feed-back on my site and turn in the final version by the 17th. After that, maybe my brain will stop thinking in “if/else” statements and I’ll have something worthwhile to say. Or a least a pic of Erin or two for the Ubers.

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