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Oh sure, they look sweet…

So, I was digging around in the many envelopes of school pictures for Kyle’s latest and greatest, and found this school picture of Kyle. What a little cutie! He’s either 4 or 5, but I see a bit of Erin in it. What do you think, do you see a resemblance?

Hmm… maybe Erin won’t get freckles after all. bummer.

1 thought on “Oh sure, they look sweet…

  1. You gave both of your children your beautiful eyes =THAT is your fault! Ears – not so much

    They do look sweet in the images – and quiet! Makes you want to smother them in kisses and hugs! I did find the ‘Christmas Day’ vid – I can smile and sleep again. You just have too many ‘find you ‘ptions for my memory – I can’t always remember which spot the things you send are in.

    Talk to you tomorrow
    Love, P

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