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Timing is Everything

And I thought it was Location Location Location.

I’ve wanted to put up a new post since last week but I had nothing. I blame the migraine that had me in bed for 2 days. Hey! – did you get the postcard I sent? The one that said “Greetings from Vicodinland”? No? Oh well, I was in no shape to be trying to figure out the new cost of postcard stamps anyways. I’m feeling better now. Thanks.

Now, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted – I wanted to write, I had some things to write about. But no. Nothing. It just wasn’t there. I don’t know how you people who write with deadlines looming over your heads do it. This is why I didn’t want to go into the graphic arts way back in college. Deadlines. My creativity just doesn’t work that way. (On re-reading that I kind of come off as one of those snooty fine artist types looking down their long noses at the wannabes who just don’t get it. Wow, these shoes feel good!)

What was I saying? Oh yeah, posting. I only bother to start typing after the post has written itself in my head. I edit in my sleep! And this is the problem. Saturday morning, early Saturday morning when I should have been sleeping, I caught my brain composing blog entries. And not just one – I had written at least 3! Can I remember them now? Not really. I remember the subject matter of a couple of them but not all the witty lines that were flowing out of my skull instead of the usual weird dreams I should have been having at that hour. And please don’t suggest I keep a pen and paper next to the bed. That’s never gonna happen. But hey, if making that suggestion means you actually comment on this blog – Please! By all means comment away. It’s awful lonely here.

But even after your welcome comments, I won’t do it. At those times I am desperately trying to shut my brain off so I can go back to sleep! The last thing I want to do is wake up entirely and start writing. As I’ve told Julie so many times – I don’t write. It ain’t my thing. But I do enjoy keeping this blog. And I’ve kept it up for well over a year. Even through the pregnancy when I did absolutely nothing. Amazing. And look, I’ve babbled for 4 paragraphs and haven’t really told you anything. Maybe I can write! Ha! (That might not really be all that funny but I was amused. And my dad once told me that as look as I’m amused that’s all that’s important. And that may be a bit of a simplification but it worked for me when he said it and it’s working for me now!)

Maybe I should stop drinking coffee now. I’m sure there was a point to this…but what was it?

Sleep blog subjects: There was a post about The Ex Issue. I don’t think I’ll actually write this one up. The jist of it was that when you (this you is general not specific to any one person) ask my why I married Wes that makes me feel bad. Its like you are calling me stupid. I know that’s not the intention but that’s how it feels to me. Hey, I’m not the only person who has married someone who was ultimately wrong for him or her. I could try to explain it but I don’t feel like it. I was a different person then. It happened. Everyone makes mistakes. This is bringing me down and I’ll probably start sleep walking tonight to delete it.

There was a post about my new favorite TV show. I’ll save that one. And Erin is now 6 and a half months old and there is lots to say about that! I’ve also got a post brewing on the back burner about my dad. I just need to get the pictures from Michigan finished for that one.

Pictures! That is what I need to be working on while all this caffeine is zipping around my head. I’ve got the MI photos to finish. The car show photos from way back when. Last weekends Santa Cruz shots. Good gravy Mabel – I’ve got to get on it! And Cynthia will be here in an hour and I still haven’t gotten to the grocery store* this weekend.

*I could also tell you about the diet Chris and I are on. And all the damn cooking I’ve been doing. But not now. No time. Go here to see what the lovely Julie T has to say about it. Now she can write. I’ve got the books to prove it!

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