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This is not a Food Blog*

I’ve been making things. Besides trouble, whoopee, and faces behind your back.

For Julie~
An Artichoke Frittata:

My favorite Bad Home Cook took a stab at the Artichoke Fritatta recipe I sent her (read all about it here!) so the last time I made one I took some photos. Kyle thought it very strange that I was taking pictures of my food.

This is not a Knit Blog Ver 2.0

A Umbilical Cord Hat~

And what all the fashion forward babies are wearing this season:

There are more photo’s of Grandpa’s Little Model on Flickr here. And I’ll try to get a picture of the aforementioned tooth. Actually – teeth! I noticed the second one poking through this morning.

*Heh – Kyle, who is too nosey for his own good and reading over my shoulder, just started singing “(This is Not a) Love Song” He gets it! I’m so proud.

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