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Then the I-5 tried to kill me…

Of course. I finally make it home from the 4-day volleyball-fest, get caught up on my sleep, and the welcome-home-allergies I thought I was experiencing turns out to be a cold. It’s 93 degrees outside and I have a cold. This sucks.

So Kyle had his first club volleyball tournament last weekend. He is on the NCVC 14-1 team (got bumped up from the 14-2 team after his 2nd practice) and he did great!

And I could tell you about how absolutely exhausting those 4 days were, or how I should have stayed in Malibu on Monday night but decided to drive home instead and then the I-5 tried to kill me and I had a near-psychotic episode and was delirious by the time I got home, but you don’t want to hear about that. How about some pictures instead?

And before I start hitting the NyQuil, let me show you something I put together between last week’s evil blog migration woes and this week’s PTI-5S* recovery – my new website!

I would like to thank Schmutzie for encouraging me to check out Squarespace and I can not say enough good things about my hosting company Tiger Technologies for the awesome support and getting my domain name issues taken care of.

*PTI-5S – Post Traumatic Interstate 5 Syndrome. Someone call Langley because I’ve figured out how to bring someone to the breaking point without resorting to waterboarding. Cheney would definitely approve!

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