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The Root of all Evil

If you have been following my Twitter* updates there on the right, you probably already know that I ended up having a root canal yesterday afternoon. Those endodontists are a sneaking bunch – “Oh my, that tooth is bad and needs a root canal – and since you’re already here in my chair why don’t you just put on these not-so-stylish sunglasses and lay back…” And an hour or so later, your jaws sore from being wedged open for so long (oh yes – a wedge!), you’re writing out a check for some un-godly sum but you don’t care -it’s so worth it because that pain the big huge please make it stop pain – it’s gone! And this morning, even though my jaw is still a bit sore, I feel 1000% better. Which is amazing because this last month has been rough to put it mildly.

Of course now I need to make another appointment with my dentist to get a crown for this reformed bad tooth. But again, feeling good is still a novelty so I don’t care. Happy happy joy joy. But I do wonder about my dentist… did he really not know what he was seeing on the x-ray? That slight clouding that was so mysterious to him? He mumbled something about possible resorbtion – rare – only sees 1-2 cases a year – treatable if caught early – I’ll refer you to – maybe they’ll know… ??? Did he not know I was heading for a root canal? or was he just chicken -didn’t want to be the one to give me that bad news?

Either way, they have rebuilt me. And now I am better than before! Like the bionic woman. Hey it would be really cool if I could get pod-casts on my new and improved tooth. Or maybe blue-tooth capabilities! Viva la borg.

*I don’t know what it is but I know I like it!

I started seeing Twitter updates on other blogs awhile ago. I even created my own Twitter account but never posted. And then a week or so ago I received an email that someone was following me on Twitter. What? A stalker of my very own?! How exciting! So I started posting and added the link to my sidebar. But when a couple people asked me what Twitter is, I discovered that I can’t answer them. I’m just not sure how to describe it. And apparently I’m not the only one because this guy made this handy little video to help explain Twitter to the masses. So click play and then you too will know and love Twitter. You just won’t be able to explain it to anyone.


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  1. twitter sounds kinda cool. I guess I’ll have to check it out!

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