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The Right Shall Rise Again

No, this has nothing to do with the new senator in Massachusetts. I’m talking about my brain! The right hemisphere has taken over and I am creating like a demon!

Why I have headaches!

As I mentioned, I’m not taking a computer programming class this semester. And apparently dropping that Rails class threw a switch in my brain! Not only has the right hemisphere taken back control of my brain, it erected a wall one night while I was sleeping. The left hemisphere has been shut out. And is in black-out conditions. I can’t even think about programming and websites. Which is a shame because I do have some coding work to do. But everytime I think about it, things get kinda of fuzzy and I suddenly have an idea for an art project! Weird huh? I seem to to be functioning  in a very strict either/or mode. Long gone are the days of thinking in if/else statements. Now I ponder whether the highlights on that stamp should be silver or gold. I like it. And since the creative muse if often fleeting, I’m gonna ride this wave as long as it lasts.

(and please note that language is a left-brain trait)

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