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The new phone book’s here! The new phone book’s here!

Actually the new library’s here! (Do they even make phone books anymore?) And Kyle and I couldn’t be happier. We’ve been missing a decent library since we moved in with Chris in ’04.

Before that, we had an apartment in Fair Oaks Village amongst the trees and the chickens. And we had the Fair Oaks Library! Which being in Sacramento County meant that it was a part of the Sacramento Public Library system. I could order any book on-line and have it delivered to our local branch. So very convenient. And boy howdy did we check out books. Life was good.

But Lincoln, Stinkin’ Lincoln, had only one old library located downtown in an historic building. All very small town quaint but the one time I went there it just didn’t live up to my snobby former big city library expectations. All of the books seemed old and it was just to cramped in there. I instead went back to spending all my hard earned cash at Borders. And our bookcases overfloweth.

All that is going to change now that the new Twelve Bridges Library is open! It’s right around the corner from our house. And is part of a larger joint project with the Western Placer Unified School District and Sierra College. Someday there will be a new Lincoln High School and a second campus for Sierra College. And this library will serve them both. But more importantly it will serve me. And Kyle. Who has become a voracious reader. We have to tell him to put down the book and turn off his light every evening. I’m so proud.

We have been watching the construction for the past year and it finally opened on the 20th. Last Friday, after Kyle’s haircut, we went in. First off, the building is wonderful – spacious and full of light. The shelves are still fairly empty but I have high hopes and advise you to sell any Border’s stock you have. They are going to miss me!

I checked out some photography books because I’m still reading Charlie Wilson’s War* but I can always look at pretty pictures. And Kyle found this:

I’m raising that kid right after all.

*I’m enjoying the book but am bit disappointed that I don’t hate Wilson yet. Not even a little bit. And he’s from Texas! Strange.

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