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The Magic 8-Ball is next

I have not read my horoscope in a paper (or online for that matter) in I don’t know how long. It’s just not something I bother checking out. But, since we’ve been grabbing local papers of late, I’ve run across these gems for the past two weeks.

Week of 6/25/09

Leo – What scares you or perturbs you in the coming week could, by August, become what fuels you. What makes you feel unsettled and out of sorts could turn out to be good medicine. But of course you’re under no obligation to submit yourself to this experimental sequence, Leo. The fact is, you could probably run away from the discomfort and get immediate relief. Unfortunately, taking that approach would deprive you of the benefits that will almost certainly come from enduring the discomfort for a while. My preference is that you be brave and farseeing.

Week of 7/01/09

Leo – Nietzsche’s dictum might be useful for you to keep in mind right now, Leo: “If it doesn’t kill you, it’ll make you stronger.” Since I’m very sure that the turbulent waters through which you’re navigating will not kill you, I’m looking forward to all the ways this journey will upgrade your confidence and enhance your power. But there’s more to be gained, beyond what Nietzsche formulated. It’s also true that if it doesn’t kill you (which it won’t), it will make you wilder and kinder and smarter and more beautiful.

Oooh, how strangely fitting. I pretty sure they are referring to the parent/toddler swim classes Erin and I start tomorrow.

But this does remind me that I do have something to look forward to – my birthday is in 24 days! However, I’ll again be older than I’ve ever been, so maybe that’s not so great. Hmm, apparently I’m still not yet back to thinking in “glass half full” terms. I’m not being “half empty” though, more like “yeah, there’s some water in there…” which I’m going to choose to think of as embracing the Buddha’s Middle Way.

There. I feel better about that. Still not at peace with those swim lessons.

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