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The gift that keeps on giving

Look at what I got!

A Holga!* A present from the ever lovely Julie T for the work I did on her Bad Home Cooking banner. I am so excited about this! And do you see that little white box to the left of the camera? That is film** baby! Yup, it’s a cheap plastic 120 medium format film camera. Oh the fun I will have!

But not today. Cause I’m sick. The baby started it with her running nose. Chris went down suddenly Thursday night. And when I woke this morning I was not my usual sunny self. I’ve just been a slug all day; reading a book on typography and glancing at the CSS book without the energy to actually pick it up. I’m hoping I will have more pep tomorrow because I want to finish up the work I’ve started on Sain’t Christopher’s project. Now that the ethical dilemma has been resolved (he asked, she said yes), I can proceed with a clear conscience. And when it is done and has been declared “Glorious!” maybe the Sain’t will send me more film (wink wink nudge nudge).

* Because how was she going to ship a hoagie?!
** I’ve read that Ilford’s film has a minty flavor. Sweet!

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  1. A hoagie would have been messy, yes…

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