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The Bean Giveth and the Bean Taketh Away…

Wow, Erin is 3 weeks old today. How the hell did that happen?!
Today is Friday correct?

Erin is a joy. Although a little more sleep would be nice. 2 nights ago, she slept from around 8pm to 2am – a 5 hour run! It felt sooo good. But then she went and ruined it by not going back to sleep and fussing for the next 2+ hours. Not good. Chris and I were dog-sh*t all day yesterday.

Last night she did the 8:30 to 2:30 5 hour run again. Nice. But this time she went back to sleep and didn’t wake up again until 5:30am. Now that’s how to do it baby! So, I’m feeling pretty good this morning. Good thing too since I’ve got a lot of packing to do today for Santa Cruz.

I’ve actually been really busy this whole week. I’ve been working on all the financial stuff to get our health benefits and flex spending accounts updated. Research, claim forms, math. So not fun for me. But I think we’ve got that all squared away now.

And the last 2 days I’ve had to go into the office for a couple hours to train my temporary replacement, the lovely Sharon. And only 2 months after I started my maternity leave! So of course there was a huge stack of expense reports that hadn’t been processed. Looks like I really am a ‘vital cog’ – at least to our sales guys and their Amex bills!

My neck, shoulders and back are all jacked up from lugging the baby around in her car seat – I think I’ll add ‘Schedule a massage’ to my to-do list!

What’s left?
I need to call around to local daycares to get the going rates.
More laundry.
A shower. (Hey, I’m not doing to bad today – I actually ate breakfast before 10:30!)

My life summed up in a picture:

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