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oh my god what is wrong with me?? It hasn’t even been a full month since I built that new website on Adobe Portfolio and I’ve already scrapped it! There was nothing wrong with it, I just had all my stuff spread over too many separate sites. So I just spent the last 3 days reconfiguring my WordPress Elfini blog site to do it all – portfolio, blog and online store. I even relocated the whole installation from a sub-domain to the root directory. Holy hell why do I do these things to myself?! And then this morning when I thought all was well except a few more design tweaks, I found that I couldn’t upload images to WordPress! Oh that is not okay! So, I hit the google. And I tried all the things. Nothing worked. And I tried some more things. And then I totally broke the site. ::very external screaming:: So, knowing my poor blood pressure was going to hit unhealthier levels than normal (I’ll tell you about my blood pressure woes later), I reminded myself that I have backups. Lots and lots of backups (this ain’t my first website rodeo). So, I hopped back into the…

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Look at what I cooked up!

So, this here blog? elfini? It’s all Julie Tilsner’s fault.  4 years ago she said “Hey Dawn, you should start a blog!” And when Julie says “Jump”, I say “Fine… if you insist. But I’m not going to enjoy it.” And I think we all know how well this turned out. Anyway, a couple weeks ago, Julie finally said “Hey Dawn, you should redesign my blog!” And I jumped up and down, said yes, and insisted she bail on the evil Typepad and migrate to Wordpress. And a word of advice here – do not get me started on Typepad and the Six Apart world. The seething raging hate!! Luckily Julie bent to my will and is now happily hosting Bad Home Cooking on a spiffy new Wordpress installation. And it looks something like this: Now click the pretty picture and bask in the glory of the new and improved Bad Home Cooking! Same old funny wrapped in a shiny new package.

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Maiden Voyage

Hello! You made it. I guess the directions to get here that I left for you weren’t as vague as I had feared.  Quick – click Add to Favorites right now! Okay… onward to the WordPress blogging platform test drive.* As you can see, elfini is now a sub-domain of No more typing Man that url sucked. I just didn’t know any better when I first set up that blog. I would love to get, but that is taken by some Turkish spoon maker or something. So here we are. I’m flexible. (shut-up Chris!) Well, what do you think about the new digs? Do you like it?** Are you as freaked out by change as I am? I’m surprised I’m not drinking vodka from a sippy cup by now. I had been thinking about making this change for some time now. Then we ended up staying home this past weekend, and instead of working on my painting, I got creative with code. I’m not sure what prompted me to start this process, but once I had exported that first file from Blogger there was no turning back. I was muckin’ about in .xml files, FTP, MySQL, .css, and what the hell…

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