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Welcome to the House of Pestilence

I’ve been sick, sick, and more sick. For weeks now. I see no end to this. Erin got sick and then better. Chris got sick and got better even faster. Kyle never gets sick. I am going to be sick for the rest of my life. So it goes. I’ve missed 2 weeks of school. Which means I am no longing taking the Illustration class. I still hadn’t gotten the paperwork in to add it and after missing 3 classes there is no point. Maybe I’ll try again next semester. Maybe. I’m okay in Photography because I was ahead of the game when I got sick. So if I ever get back to class, I have work ready to start making Van Dyke prints. I have a fever, a hacking cough, and have even taken naps. Bring on the other Horsemen. While we wait, here are a couple videos of the kids. Don’t  tell CPS. Erin vs the Atomic Warheads Extreme Sour Hey Kyle, why does it feel so good to have sore muscles massaged?

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