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delay of game

Oh hell, you didn’t really think I would post the next installment of our Boston trip recap the very next day as promised did you? What are ya new?! Well, I did have good intentions. I just didn’t foresee getting sick. I blame Kyle. So, a mere 4 days late, I give you my Friday in Boston: Chris had another meeting to attend, so after sleeping in a bit, I headed out to the Museum of Fine Arts. King Menkaura (Mycerinus) and queen Virgin and Child with Saint John the Baptist by Sandro Botticelli Ecce Homo by Hieronymus Bosch (sadly lacking in demons) Part of the Richard Avedon Fashion exhibit While I saw some great art, I still think the Detroit Institute of Arts is a superiour museum. I’ve been spoiled. But I will say that the MFA’s gift shop has the best art book collection I’ve ever seen! And then the museum turned into a casino and it took me another hour to get the hell out of it. damn. By the time I got back to the hotel, Chris was done with his meetings. Yay! And we headed back out to see the city. We walked along the…

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