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I can’t take the pressure!!

Well, that blood pressure medicine I was taking finally kicked in on Tuesday and it was not good. My blood pressure was low. Way low. Passing out now low. So a quick call to the doctor’s office and that experiment is done. No more Norvasc for me. Two days later I’m starting to feel normal again. Well, normal for me. shut up. Turns out I’m going to need my energy, I’ve got a lot of work to get done this weekend. Vox has found a new home and I’m happy to say that I’m going to be exhibiting  in the October show! And we hang that show on Monday!! Looks like I’m gonna be framing some photographs and transfers over the next couple days. Also on my to-do list – self portraits for my photography class. gah. Luckily the critique has been pushed back a week so I have a bit more time to get the roll shot, developed, and an enlargement made. But I can’t continue slackin’ on this for long, because in 2 weeks Chris and I are going to Boston for a long weekend! So to recap: This weekend: shoot some photos and frame some other photos.…

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To-do list. I’ve got one!

I hate when that happens. But I’ve been so busy and have so many things to do, well, my hand was forced. Happily I just managed to cross off a couple things (and one that wasn’t even on the list – hey there WordPress upgrade). Let’s see, I gave Chris the money to deposit into the bank (delegating tasks – check!) and was then able to pay my tuition for the Fall semester’s class. Fees went up $6 a unit. I picked up the text book earlier in the week (along with Using Drupal, which I will tell you about later as I’m not sure which way that rant is gonna go). And I paid from my annual Artist Membership at Vox Sacramento! Wait, now I have to add to the to-do list: write post about the upcoming show and Artist’s Receiption (you are all invited) complete with the flyer! Okay, what’s left… I still need to pick the prints for the Vox show. And once that decision has been made, buy the frames. Make a couple doctor appts. Routine check-ups so no worries. Figure out an excuse to reschedule next weeks dentist appt – again. Really, I don’t need to make excuses, the way my…

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