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Glutton for punishment

More proof that I might need to have my head examined. Three weeks ago I joined a gym. I had the manager waive the processing fee so that I could use that money to sign up for three 30 minute sessions with a personal trainer. And if you’ve been following along on Twitter or Facebook, you know that Evil Trainer Adam was obviously trying to kill me. Or so I thought. Apparently his desire to hurt me is only getting warmed up at 30 minutes. And yet, knowing that I lack discipline, I foolishly decided to give him all my money in exchange for having him continue to torture train me for 10 more ONE HOUR sessions. yeah. That was smart. I had the first 1 hour session yesterday. oh. my. god. That was not pleasant. Not only did he make me do lunges across the room again (I did that during our first session and couldn’t walk for 3 days!), but I had to carry a medicine ball in front of me and twist to the side with each lunge! WTF ETA? Cruel and unusual punishment. I think he must have studied under the CIA and received the coveted…

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Lookin’ good Billy Ray

So, here we are, 6 days into 2009 and I’ve got to tell you, I’m feeling pretty good.* I don’t want to jinx things, but since I’ve already declared ’09 to be the year of Health and Happiness, I’m going to go all out and be… happily optimistic. Down right cheery. Good things are happening. Yippy! Alright. Enough of that. Everything in moderation people.This is the first time I’ve ever really been jazzed about a new year. The whole new year/resolution thing was never the big a deal for me. But having survived 2008, and on Chris’s prompting, I actually wrote out a list of goals for 2009. Top of the list were Health and Fitness goals. Easy. Easy to put on the list, not to accomplish. Although more yoga should not be a problem. The rest of the list was pretty much art related. It would be nice to start painting again. But I don’t worry about it. That’s one of those ‘it will happen when it happens’ zen things. In the mean time, I’ve got plenty to do with my cameras. I even have some design work to do. And over the weekend, Chris added another baby gate…

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Hurts so good…

Hmm, I told you to come back today to get a status on how much pain I would be in two days after my first yoga class in approximately 730 days. And here you are! Nice. Schadenfreude never fails. Let me direct you to the VIP “Laugh at Dawn’s Suffering” section. Pull up a chair and help yourself to a nice cold drink. Chris has been getting rather lonely in there all by himself, but let me tell you – he’s been roflmao big time! Literally. In the spirit of “my best interests”, he made me do more yoga last night! And not being able to stand hearing the pained noises I was making without actually seeing what I was doing (or attempting to do) – he got out of bed to do some stretching of his own. “All the better to view the extent of your discomfort my dear.” He is Big and Mean! (trade-mark pending) So, yeah, I’m sore. Tight. Wimper with the smallest movements.There. Happy?! I bet you are.Me too.

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