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Moving on to the next great freak out

So… art. shows. “coming in hot!” as a young Kyle screamed from the back seat one day many years ago. And for the record, that semi wasn’t barreling down on us that fast. But yes, I am again freaking out a bit stressed. I had to email my exhibit coordinator (oh my god!) at Viewpoint¬† with the titles and prices for the show. Prices people! Poor Evil Jill and Chris. They took the brunt of the crazy Dawn on that issue. And the dust from that drama trauma had barely settled when I discovered this under upcoming shows on the Viewpoint website! And then I passed out, hit my head, woke up thinking I was the Queen of Spain. Or something like that. I’m really not sure the lead up to this show isn’t going to finally land me in the padded cell of my dreams. In the meantime, I printed a new photograph for the Viewpoint Member Show in July. And the State Fair is next month too. That should distract me right? Oh! If you weren’t playing along on Facebook, Kyle’s team won their bracket!! And placing higher in the final standing than those snooty 15-1’s. #29…

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