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The ‘Other’ Printmaking

Mid-August update. I’m old so I’ve been busy painting* and waiting for school to start. For all of us. Erin has made the switch from The Phoenix School summer camp to Star camp at her new elementary school. Big changes for a big girl! Kyle is all registered for 11th grade, though I think he has already lost his schedule. They both start next week. My semester doesn’t start until the 27th. My big change is no photography class this fall (I’m sure I’ll be sneaking into the darkroom on occassion)! I’m finally taking that Printmaking class I’ve been thinking about for a couple years now. Excited and nervous. So today I decided to break out the Gelli plate, cut some stencils, and make some monotypes. These are 8.5 x 11 And these are 5.5 x 8.5 These were printed on a smooth heavy paper. There are a couple of them that I might add some ink to – and a few not posted because they need some additional work.  I’ll probably make a few more tomorrow as I just remembered I have a nice sheet of printmaking paper in the front room! yay! * I have created a piece…

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Progress. It’s what’s for dinner.

or Progress. The other white meat. I couldn’t decide.I hate having to push the picture of Erin-in-the-hood down the page, but life moves on. And so does this blog. Albeit at a much slower pace. But hey! Tomorrow is that thing. The Second Saturday Event at Mather Golf Course that has been ruining my life for the past month and a half. Besides adding the rest of the price tags to the prints, finding my folding chair in the garage, withdrawing cash from the bank for change (which I better well need!), and packing the rest of my stuff – I am done. I think.I talked to Sharon yesterday afternoon. Told her that at this point in time, I no longer feel the need to cause her physical pain. Although, Chris might, when he goes to balance the checkbook and sees how much money I have spent on this affair! And then I told her that while I was not necessarily looking forward to Saturday, I wasn’t dreading it either. Yup, that’s as much as I was willing to give her. She who finagled-tricked-hoodwinked me into this gig. And she’s already talking about next month! Um, lets wait and see…

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