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I’m so adding juggling to my resume

I know, I know… I’m overdue on putting up a new post. I can’t just leave that idle threat about cleaning the oven so front and center. We all know I would never do such a thing. So, for the record, I am currently not depressed. Although that doesn’t mean I won’t revisit the state again before this month is over. But for now, I’m feeling ok and starting to look forward. You may now say those cliché “one door closes and another one opens” things to me without fear of something flying towards your head.  Progress. I’ve actually done quite a few things in the last couple days that I could tell you about, but I’m sorry, it will have to wait. It is Sunday morning and I’m in “household chores” mode, flitting from task to task, as is my way. Do a bit here, carry something there, and then work some more on whatever is “there” before I make my way back “here” to finish what I started. And in that haphazrdly way, I get it all done. Or nothing gets done and the house is left in a state of complete half-assedness. We’ll see how it goes today. Right now I’m doing laundry (aren’t…

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