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Oh sure, they look sweet…

So, I was digging around in the many envelopes of school pictures for Kyle’s latest and greatest, and found this school picture of Kyle. What a little cutie! He’s either 4 or 5, but I see a bit of Erin in it. What do you think, do you see a resemblance? Hmm… maybe Erin won’t get freckles after all. bummer.

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Preschool makes me sick!

Okay, by now you should know that Erin started preschool this week. She seems to be enjoying it, but hasn’t gotten the hang of actually going to sleep during nap time yet. I’m sure you can imagine the fun I’m having trying to get an overly tired toddler ready for school each morning. Yeah. good times. Now before we could even officially enroll her, they asked that I come in and spend half a day with her, which I did last Wednesday. I hung out, on a tiny little chair, all morning. Calming her when she was upset and nudging her back to her chair when she tried to roam off and do her own thing. Yeah, that was fun too. This whole preschool thing is obviously trying to kill me. And you may think I’m speaking figuratively, but I’m not. And here’s why. I left class this morning feeling a little blah. Chalked it up to getting assigned a crap enlarger and not getting my photogram done. By the time I got home I was trying to remember if I had actually ingested some developer because I was really starting to feel strange. In a not good, have I…

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