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Here Comes a Regular

I went to the grocery store Tuesday morning and stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for myself and one for Chris. After finishing up with a customer, the pharmacist smiles at me and walks over to the A-B drawer and says “Just one today Dawn?” damn Where am I known by name? the camera store? local coffee shop? no. The pharmacy. Well, that just kinda sucks. There was a time when I paid the “regular” price for beers at Paycheck’s. And my “pharmacist” was an old black man named Woody. aah youth… But I got to relive a little bit of that youth that very same day when I went downtown Tuesday night. I went to a club. I saw a band. I saw X at Harlows! and they were fanfuckintastic! Suddenly all was right with my world again. And as soon as my ears stop ringing and my hip heals, I’ll think about doing it again!   Video taken with my cellphone. Sweet. Too bad it doesn’t pick up that thumpin’ bass!

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Olympic migraines*

So, we arrive in Santa Cruz last night and my in-laws were watching the opening ceremonies for the Beijing Olympics. Cool. We unloaded the car (ok, Chris unloaded the car) and settled in in front of Bob’s big screen TV. We had missed a lot of it, but what we saw was pretty awesome. But then came the Parade of Nations. And all I have to say is wtf Olympics? Why are all those wonderful athletes forced to dress like color-blind airline employees? Didn’t the women look like flight attendants? And what is with all the hats? Is there some kind of un-written Olympic rule that you have to not only wear some god awful suit-like attire in hideous colors, but you must top it with a jaunty hat?! Are fedoras the national chapeau of 90% of the countries on this planet? How did I miss that little tidbit of trivia? And some of those patterns caused me to want to poke my eyes out. I pretty sure Hungary was trying to kill me!It was getting late, but we stayed up long enough to see the US team, who looked rather subdued with their navy blazers, white slacks, and obligatory…

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What a nice view…

So, today is my birthday. With everything that’s been going on this past month, I’ve had a hard time even remembering my birthday this year, which is very atypical behavior for a Leo. In the past I’ve been border-line obnoxious starting July 1st. But this year? Nothing. I think I mentioned it once in one line a couple weeks ago. Strange days indeed. But here I am. Older than I’ve ever been. Again. And I kinda feel whatever about the whole thing. Is ambivalence a symptom of old age? I over-slept this morning; do you think that’s a sign?Whoa, now I’m wicked scared.I just did a search through my archives to link to previous birthday blather and there was not a word about it in 07 either! I had to go back to July 2006 to find this post! Man, I am slipping. I’ll probably break a hip at yoga tonight!*But what I found interesting is that it was in July of 07 that I posted about reading Overthrow – the beginning of the end of my sanity. And this July I started reading Shock Doctrine, which is the scariest book yet! In a mere year I’ve read enough of…

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