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A blast from the past on several levels

I opened up WordPress this morning to make a small change to my sidebar and then I was going to be on my merry way. But look! A comment on my last post! I’ll make a quick reply. Done. Happy. Now let’s get outta here and – wait. What is that?! There! At the bottom of my post. Under those silly (but intentional – as in I remember adding that plug-in to my site) “Post to” buttons. Where the hell did those “You might also like…” links come from?? Sure, I’ve seen them on other sites. Might have added them myself to design jobs. But I have never seen them on my site before?? Have they always been there? Was the plug-in added and then somehow in the last week activated without my knowledge?? Elves? Sleep-coding? You never know… there has been a lot of Nyquil consumed this past week. But while I was trying to wrap my head around how this happened (my head hurts and I haven’t had my second cup of coffee so I could very well be hallucinating the whole thing!) – I clicked one of the links. Floor and Water… Doh! A post from January…

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