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My phone rang last night after I was in bed. Not quite asleep, but on my way. I hate that. It scares me. It was my nephew Brady in Michigan calling to tell me he had talked to my brother David. (David is also in Michigan. My family is in Michigan. I’m in California. I don’t want to live in Michigan, but I hate the 2300 mile distance between us!) So, Brady talked to David; not your typical reason for a late night call. Or a blog post for that matter, but this was big. No one had seen or heard from my brother in over 6 years! He had just fallen off the face of the earth. One of those things where you would ask “hey, have you heard from David recently? No? Weird.” Until it became “hey, will you drive out to the west side and see if you can find David?”. And then “hey did you know that P.I.s don’t ‘find’ people any more? wth?” Before he went MIA, my brother worked with my nephew for many years. Was always hanging out at his house. And he would show up at the folk’s house periodically. Always manged…

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