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Tonight is my Artist Reception!!

Oh. Em. Gee. ::kermit arms:: ::thud:: and all that “I should be freaking out” jazz! Except I’m not really freaking out. Right now… The Artist Reception for my very first solo show is tonight. This one: So I’m heading out to get a pedicure and my hair done. A very nice way to spend the afternoon. My artist statement (you may have heard me mention that. ha!) is done. I just need to remember to bring it with me tonight. I have a new outfit thanks to the help of the amazing Evil Jill Matsuhiro! So what would have been my biggest stress of the day can now be saved up for tomorrow night! ha! All the work of the past year and a half is done. wow.  That’s kind of crazy isn’t it? A year and a half of blood, sweat, and tears went into 19 photographs on a gallery wall. Hours of being bent over the glass table shooting small things. Days upon days spent in the darkroom. Endless sleepless nights with my brain buzzing over an idea, the motivation, the words to describe the madness! And Chris still loves me! So, I guess I’m good. See ya…

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