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An Official Happy Dance

Wow. The Big Names, Small Art event at the Crocker Art Museum last Thursday night was a blast! Saw a bunch of friends, was out-bid on all the pieces I tried to win, and met people who were actively trying to win my piece! It sold for $185. sweet. But the best part of the night? Going inside the museum and seeing this:  Yep. A really bad cellphone pic of my print hanging on the museum gallery wall! Pretty freaking awesome! oh and even thought the auction isn’t until June 6th, you can bid online here! And my encaustic painting “Holy Wound Five” went to it’s new home.   Friday was a day of rest (read: headache) and then Saturday we got the keys to our new house! Greeting from the pool. 🙂 And believe me, that pool is mighty nice after a day of moving garage stuff in the 95 degree heat!    

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More than a feeling

I love love loved Boston! I no longer love shoes. I also discovered that I do not love puddle-jumpers or red-eyes. In fact, I’m not sure I like flying at all anymore.  I certainly did not like that panicky feeling that had me pacing the aisle of the plane in the middle of the night. And I’m pretty sure Chris did not enjoying sitting in the middle seat so that I could have the aisle seat on the second half of each flight. So going forward there will be Valium or Xanax ingested before any flights. And once those prescriptions are procured, I will gladly go back to Boston! Cause just look at this city: Boston waterfront. Our hotel, the Intercontinental, is tucked behind the green glass building on the left. Boston Financial District The buildings rock! View of the harbor from the 4th floor of the ICA. Nice huh? So after the flight to San Francisco and the red-eye to Boston, we checked into our hotel Thursday morning and took a nap! Then at noon Chris left for his business meeting and I split to check out the city. I crossed the harbor and walked over the the Institute…

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