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Look at what I cooked up!

So, this here blog? elfini? It’s all Julie Tilsner’s fault.  4 years ago she said “Hey Dawn, you should start a blog!” And when Julie says “Jump”, I say “Fine… if you insist. But I’m not going to enjoy it.” And I think we all know how well this turned out. Anyway, a couple weeks ago, Julie finally said “Hey Dawn, you should redesign my blog!” And I jumped up and down, said yes, and insisted she bail on the evil Typepad and migrate to Wordpress. And a word of advice here – do not get me started on Typepad and the Six Apart world. The seething raging hate!! Luckily Julie bent to my will and is now happily hosting Bad Home Cooking on a spiffy new Wordpress installation. And it looks something like this: Now click the pretty picture and bask in the glory of the new and improved Bad Home Cooking! Same old funny wrapped in a shiny new package.

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I have a cold. Or the flu. Possibly a random plague. I blame Julie. She cursed me – a pox upon my house no less! Sure, sure, she promptly lifted the curse, but obviously not fast enough. Because a couple weeks ago Kyle got sick. And Kyle never gets sick! And then while we were in Santa Cruz, Erin started getting sick. She was sick all last week, poor baby. And now I am sick. So yes, I blame Julie. Although I believe she has paid for her sins. She was also sick last week. And then yesterday she called me for tween anecdotes for an article she is writing. Ha! she ended up listening to an almost certainly feverish me babble on about Kyle for 30+ minutes. I have no recollection of what I said to her. More ramblings of a lunatic. She should have been recording that shit. Chopped it up, added some random images and a funky electronic dub, uploaded to YouTube, and become an instant internet phenomenon. Oh well, maybe next time she’ll be ready for me.Warning. Abrupt change in subject.I have been collecting images of Erin in all her hats. Girl likes to wear hats!…

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Utata Speaks ’08

So, did anyone make it through the whole 81 minutes of that Library of Congress webcast? Yeah, me neither. I barely made it through that lady’s introduction. Man, she was putting me to sleep. But I’m going to make it up to you right now, with an even better way to spend your valuable time – Utata has published its big annual project!Yay! Photo essays from my favorite Flickr group. I submitted a personal essay singing the praises of drive-by shooting in Santa Cruz – and then didn’t shoot at all while we were there this past weekend. But that is no reason not to go and check out everyone else’s entries. (helpful tip of the day – that banner is a link, click it!) I haven’t had a chance to read many of the essays yet (still folding laundry thank you very much) but between kid-wranglin’ and homework I might have 5-7 minutes free this evening. Wait… Kyle has baseball practice tonight – did I wash his uniform?Well, I would love to tell you more about our weekend and the CIA, but I’ve got to call and sing Happy Birthday to the lovely Julie T’s answering machine.

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