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a Hodge-podge, but no Brady

Damn woman – have a little patience!The uber-in-laws called while I was cooking dinner. Over the speaker-phone I promised to post a pic of Kyle’s new haircut. 20 minutes ago, while I was still helping Kyle with his homework, I received the following email:”I rushed home (okay, there was a pizza stop in the ‘rush’ part) to see Kyle’s haircut on your blog!!! I was promised!! Oh, deceiving phone calls on speaker.”Well then. As promised! The new and improved Kyle – BEHOLD!I had forgotten that he even had eyebrows!Reading listAnd while I have your attention P, how is Lamb coming along? I finished Island of the Sequined Love Nun and it did not disappoint! It wasn’t as laugh-out-loud as some of his other books, but the ending had me grinning like a fool. 5 Stars. Classic Moore. Yum!2 days ago…Sunday afternoon, I finally scanned the negs from the roll of film I shot with the Supersampler. Today I uploaded 7 of the 12 ‘keepers’ to Flickr. I’ll post the rest tomorrow – but gee wiz, if I don’t get them up right away, cut me some slack eh?!

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