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If I’m not angry am I even alive?

So, the Adobe Bullshit TM really is all its cracked up to be – how annoying! Everything I have been struggling to do for years with outdated programs, apps, and work arounds is now so stupidly simple to accomplish. If I wasn’t so giddy I might be really pissed off. Surrender and be happy? That doesn’t sound right at all. But here we are 3 weeks later, and a new website has been built in Adobe Portfolio*, Squarespace cancelled, and I spend my days working happily in Photoshop and Illustrator learning all the ins and outs and shortcuts that get shit done. Stupid programs that work. So, I have nothing to bitch about. Why am I even here?! I’m just listening to some Bauhaus and waiting for Erin to let me rat up her hair. *the biggest stumbling block in creating the new website was the eternal problem of how to organize the galleries. UGH! Still not happy with it.

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