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Oh holy crap!

The other day I ran across a version of Oh Holy Night that was so bloody awful it was a thing of beauty. Tears were streaming down my face it was that good bad <– exactly. Well, this morning around 5:30 AM I realized that I had that song stuck in my head. And I was re-writing the lyrics. And I could not stop. So I had to get up and write them down. I then was able to fall happily asleep again. It’s now after 9:00 PM and I’m finally sitting at my computer. And what do I see scribbled on the notebook before me? Oh holy crap! The days are quickly dwindling only six days till our dear Savior’s birth! I’m not ready, no final preparations I need to shop and what are we going to eat? To stores, to stores, the crowded parking lots I dread them all, I can not find a spot! Fall on the couch Oh hear my arches screaming The crap, the crap that I have bought to fill stockings The crap, the crap That I bought for Christmas morn   And this is why I try to ignore the voices in my head. Merry…

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