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Request. Appeal. Rinse and repeat.

Our battle with the school board. When Chris bought this house in one of Lincoln’s new planned neighborhood, they had just finished the new elementary school, construction was starting on the middle school directly behind the house, and there was to be a new high school completed in a few years next to the library that is within walking distance of our house. Well, the city is stupid and mismanaged their finances so the high school got shelved. The other thing you need to know is that our house is just a couple blocks from the city border with Rocklin.  And Rocklin built a new school on their side of the border – Whitney High School. Exactly 1/2 a mile from our door.  A very nice high school that we can see from Kyle’s window. We want Kyle to attend Whitney High School. The obvious reason is location. Lincoln’s only high school is 5 miles away on the opposite side of town. A part of town we never even go to. Another and ultimately more important reason is that the Rocklin high school is a better school: college-prep vs vocational. So we have known for some time that we wanted…

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