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It’s October!

Well then. The “Adobe Bullshit/Update All the Websites/Rinse and Repeat and then Rage Blog About It!” appears to have run its course. In fact the pendulum seems to have swung to the other side and I have gone back to ignoring my website completely. Hot and cold baby. Hot and cold. I blame my failed t-shirt empire. Thanks a lot TeePublic. I was happily learning the “beyond the basics” of Illustrator and Photoshop by watching a bunch of tutorials – ask the neighbors how loudly I screamed when I discovered the “Remove Background” button in the Quick Actions of Photoshop! This ain’t your grandfather’s CS4! Somewhere in the midst of all of that I made a logo for Ink & Bone Alchemy and thought “Hey, this would be a cool t-shirt!” And since some of my current favorite tees are from TeePublic, I took that little lightbulb and ran with it. I created a shop, uploaded the graphic and ordered a tshirt and a sticker. Sweet. Then I took the new abbreviated shop name, inknbone, and grabbed the domain name and made a new email address to use (my name is sooo many letters, ugh so much typing). Then I…

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