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Here Comes a Regular

I went to the grocery store Tuesday morning and stopped by the pharmacy to pick up a prescription for myself and one for Chris. After finishing up with a customer, the pharmacist smiles at me and walks over to the A-B drawer and says “Just one today Dawn?” damn Where am I known by name? the camera store? local coffee shop? no. The pharmacy. Well, that just kinda sucks. There was a time when I paid the “regular” price for beers at Paycheck’s. And my “pharmacist” was an old black man named Woody. aah youth… But I got to relive a little bit of that youth that very same day when I went downtown Tuesday night. I went to a club. I saw a band. I saw X at Harlows! and they were fanfuckintastic! Suddenly all was right with my world again. And as soon as my ears stop ringing and my hip heals, I’ll think about doing it again!   Video taken with my cellphone. Sweet. Too bad it doesn’t pick up that thumpin’ bass!

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