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Winter break

What do ya mean where the hell have I been? We were on a break! And now we’re back. The spring semester started today. In addition to taking another photography class and lab, I’m takingĀ  a “real” class: Russian History! Okay, all my previous classes where “real” too. What I mean is that I’m trying to take the last 3 classes I need to get my AA. Chris seems to think that while he is getting his Masters degree, I should go ahead and finish up my Associates. Jeez, when ya put it that way… So, what’s left? After fulfilling my Multicultural Studies requirement this semester, I’ll need a Health/Physical Education class (I’m thinking Yoga!) and Speech. flippin’ speech class. I have been avoiding that class for over … well… a lot of years. damn. Let’s not think about that. Russian History!! 9:30 am tomorrow! wOOt!

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