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Split personalities and well-lit toes

Second post since the upgrade and I’m already facing a conundrum… Hmm, I’m not sure how to go about discussing this without revealing my master web-site plans. Oh well, just know that all I speak of will take time. Lots of time. And if it happens earlier than that – consider it an early Christmas present. The plan is to change from its current incarnation as a photo-blog, to a website proper. Meaning a home page with links to photo galleries, About page, blog, etc. The galleries will be set groups of photos organized by themes, only updated occasionally and treated as more of a portfolio. My big question is the blog. I had thought about starting a new blog for the website that is about photography only. Leaving the elfini blog as a stand-alone personal blog that I would only quietly link to from the About page. Maybe. Or should I just include elfini as part of the site and post the photography related entries here? What to do what to do… I’m sure you have an opinion- please post a comment with your thoughts! I would set up another poll, but the results display from the last poll…

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