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Where is Oliver Stone when you need him?!

2 weekends ago we went to Santa Cruz. I double checked my calendar to confirm this because it sure doesn’t feel like I’ve been┬áto Santa Cruz recently. We drove down Friday night as usual, got up Sat morning and drove down to Monterey and went to the aquarium. I took a few pics but most were slightly out of focus because we cruised through the place at break-neck toddler speed! I think we may have seen a couple fish. And Sunday we were back home. The whole weekend was a blur. And then came Monday. It started out so promising… until my computer wouldn’t power on. In case you missed that – My computer, it would not turn on. I nursed an Elevated Level (that would be a nice DHS yellow) panic all day telling myself that my hard-drives were probably ok and it was just a broken On button right? RIGHT?! Chris had to talk me down several times during the day and that evening I drove downtown to hang the new show at Vox. Before I even got out of the car I took a Maxalt for my looming migraine. And that was my world until Saturday afternoon.…

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