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Are you worried that this blog is going to be all about school and my bitter complaints about the weather? Well, that might seem a valid concern after the last 2 posts, but I doubt there will be that much more to say about my class.Now the temperature issue – I’m not going to make any promises about that one.But I’ve gotta admit, I’m just not groovin’ with the new look of this page. It’s pretty and all but it doesn’t inspire me. It just doesn’t feel like ‘me’. Which is kinda silly since I designed it -used one of my beach photos and picked the color scheme. But it’s too calm and soothing, which is not really my mood when I’m writing. I’m thinking of changing it back to the grassy field banner and green color scheme until I come up with a new idea.And more things are changing around here. Erin is this close to walking. Besides circumnavigating the coffee table, she will hold your finger and walk across the room. And over the weekend she started walking behind her ride-on contraption. She is also climbing up on everything! Oh the joy.Things are changing for the better for…

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