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Hey did you hear the good news? We won our appeal with the County Board of Education last Thursday night! It was beyond nerve-wracking and a close vote: 4-3. yikes. It took Chris and I over a day to finally come to grips with the reality that the whole interdistrict transfer process was finally over and that Kyle was actually going to be allowed to attend Whitney HS. damn that was stressful. But today I got Kyle enrolled at Whitney and he is all set to start in the fall. So relieved. And probably 3 inches taller without all that stress weighing on me. And Kyle isn’t the only kid around here with school news. Erin had her “Moving Up” party last Friday at preschool. She’s no longer in the Busy Bee class, but in the Open Court class. Weird name for a classroom isn’t it? Turns out Open Court is the name of the reading program that class uses. Erin was placed in the “advanced” Pre-K class. And today was her first day in her new class with a new teacher. Seems to have gone okay. The big difference for us is that in the new class there is…

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