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It is with great pride and severe carpel tunnel that I present you with….

The Throw!

Yes, it is finally finished. I did a happy dance and burned my knitting needles in victory! Believe me when I say that this baby is one of a kind.

Unless it is like childbirth – where after several years of snuggling under its warmth and fading softness, you have blissfully forgotten the pain and suffering you went through to make it, and you foolishly decide you want another one. One that is fresh and new!

Well, if that happens I want you to drag my ass up to the laundry room, shove the damn thing -the throw, not my ass- into the washing machine (on gentle, cold water, with just a touch of Woolite please) and then hit me over the head repeatedly with that iron I never use. And don’t tell me you can’t find the iron – it’s up on the shelf. Keep looking… There – behind the dusty bottle of Mop’n’Glow and the dried-up sponge.

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